NAME: Georgina Roisin Hughes
NICKNAME: Georgie, George, G, Georgie Porgie, Porgina, Georgie Girl, Princess (only by her grandfather),
AGE & D.O.B.: 32 & February 25, 1987
OCCUPATION: Fashion buyer and owner of The Royal Closet in Saville Row.
EDUCATION: F.I.T, BS in Fashion Business Management
HOMETOWN: London, England
RESIDENCE: Chelsea, SW 3
FAMILY: Father, Richard; Mom, Lori; Brother, Cooper
Named after Beatle George Harrison.
Middle name means little rose in Irish
Growing up she was called "Georgie Girl" and her grandfather used to sing that song to her.
Mother is English, father is Irish-American
Has dual citizenship
Her Nickname Georgie Porgie was given to her by her brother, Cooper
Although they outwardly seem to bicker and tease each other a lot, she and her brother are quite close and protective of each other
Owns more clothes than she knows what to do with. She owns over 100 pairs of shoes
Owns a berner named bear
As a child she used to dress her brother up in her mom's make up. She still does sometimes.
Knows people think she's stuck up and quite posh but actually has a very dirty sense of humor, which she gets from her grandfather
Is legitimately best friends with her grandfather, whom she calls Pop Pop.
Firmly believes that she gets her fashion sense from him
He took her to get her first tattoo
It was her pop pop who encouraged her to open her own store, where she buys and sells hard to find luxury clothes, shoes and handbags
Models all of the clothes for sale on her website and her instragram
Her younger brother Cooper, works with her managing the media and marketing for her store
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LIKES: Doctor Who, Dogs, Cats, Hayao Miyazaki, Minions, Baby Goats, baby goats in sweaters, skateboarding dogs, pizza, cronuts, Thor, Captain America, 70's Rock Bands, Alpacas,

DISLIKES Spiders, Sharks, bigots, closed minded people,


Georgina Rose McGrath came into the world on February 25, 1987 at 4:18 AM. True to what would become her nature, Georgie did things at her own time. She was a week late and her mother, lori was in labor for almost two days with her first. This baby was not planned and being unplanned, Lori and Richard McGrath didn't pick a name for her. Georgie's late arrival resulted in her being born on the birth date of one George Harrison, yes that George Harrison. Her parents being huge Beatles fans decided to name her Georgina. Rarely, however, was she called Georgina growing up. From day one she was her grandfather's Georgie Girl

Her grandfather insisted on being a large part of her life due to her parent's young ages. He himself was only 20 when his daughter was born and he'd hoped she wouldn't repeat his mistakes. So he was disappointed when he found out his 19 year old was expecting a child with a rich American. Despite his disappointment he never let it trickle down to Georgie. He loved her from the moment he held her in his arms. Being as he was 40 himself when he became a grandfather, he insisted on something that made hims sound less old. So Pop Pop it was.

Despite being her grandfather's girl, Georgie was fiercely independent. She preferred to do her own thing in her own way. Her beloved Pop Pop encouraged Georgie to explore her independent nature, leading the young girl to be very much the free spirit. There was a fire behind those blue eyes of hers that she inherited from her mother and in turn from her grandfather. She was strong willed and sassy, often running around in her mother's heels and dresses. She was a beautiful girl with blonde hair that matched those fiery blue eyes and lips that always seemed to be in the slightest pout.

When she was 6 she was joined by Cooper, her younger brother. Georgie of course was a bit jealous when he arrived but her mother told her that he was her baby too and from that day on she treated cooper like he was her baby. She dressed him up and played with him like a doll. Her parent's divorce made her more protective of him.

After finishing school Georgie wasn't interested in continuing her education but at her grandfather's encouragement, citing her love of all things fashion she found herself in New York's F.I.T. where she excelled at getting a degree in Fashion Business Management. Upon completion of her degree she found herself with a job at Harrods as a buyer. But she wasn't happy not being the boss so again, at her grandfather's nudging she bought and opened a shoppe in Saville Rowe.

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